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Download Tony’s Weight Loss Cheat Sheet


Eat Sensibly Instead of these FAD diets

I have 2 children that have been members of 5 Elements since September 2011, my daughter Amy has been part of the competition squad in previous years and as a teenage girl I have always worried about her losing weight when it came to her competing. Tony always gave her advice about her diet and how to make her weight category in a sensible and controlled way instead of “I’ll just stop eating for a couple of days before the fight”. I now have an 18 year old who understands the correct way of keeping her weight under control and how to eat sensibly instead of these fad diets. My son Billy is now competing on a regular basis and again needs to keep to a specific weight to compete, again Tony has always given him and myself what’s best to eat and what to avoid. Both my children have grown in confidence over the years they have attended 5 Elements and I can’t thank Tony and all his staff enough for their guidance and advise over the years


Most can only get so far on there own

Most can only get so far on there own , or reach a point and feel as if nothing is happening, a great tip from Tony and now a couple of lb closer to my target ,
Thanks Tony great advice and knowledge

Years of nutrition Knowledge

Years of nutrition knowledge Getting fighters ready to compete


I dropped 40kg

I have been training with Tony at 5 Elements since 2013, I dropped 40kg through training and enjoying the healthier lifestyle and also now regularly compete in boxing which for each event I have to meet a weight target and each time I have always made weight stepping on the scales with confidence